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Body Piercing – What Purpose Does It Serve?

If you’re curious about body piercing and you want to know why people get it done, you’ve come to the right place. Body piercing continues to gain popularity and people from all walks of life now have piercings, from earlobes to belly buttons. There is a lot more to body piercing than meets the eye and this article will try to explain its purpose.


Body piercing has been around for hundreds of years, it isn’t something that has just emerged in the last decade. Piercing jewellery in Australia and other countries has become popular because body piercing has become mainstream.

Many African tribes boast a long history with piercings, and they were given to tribal members for many different reasons. Body piercing goes as far back as the Aztec and Inca Empires. Humans were given body piercings to signify a specific milestone had been reached in their life, such as marriage or adulthood.

You must realise that a person’s piercings may have a deep connection with their traditions or culture. It isn’t always something they do for fashion or art-related purposes.

Act of Empowerment

Up until we are 18 years of age, our parents largely get to decide what we can and cannot do. If we want to get a piercing when we are 16, we must get permission before we do so.

When we reach adulthood, we are now old enough to make our own decisions. For many, to claim their own body, they decide to get a piercing. Some see this as an act of foolishness, but for many it is an act of empowerment.


Many people like to experiment with their bodies and try new things. Piercings are a form of art and expression and many people like the way they look. Some people get them for cultural reasons and tradition, while others just like the way diamond earrings or a stylish belly ring looks.

Many people wear body jewellery to draw attention to certain parts of their body, such as a navel ring to attract attention to your 6-pack abs.

There are many reasons why people get body piercings, some are for cultural reasons why others just like the look. A body piercing is a great way to change your style and compliment other parts of your look. It falls somewhere in between dying your hair and getting a tattoo. Your piercing is a personal expression of who you are as a person.

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