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How To Know If Your Old Heirloom Jewellery Is Valuable?

We do not always get to choose the jewellery that we own, and we sometimes get given it as a gift, or we can also inherit it. When we have not bought the jewellery, we may not have any idea of its value, and you may need to know this for insurance purposes or if you intend to sell it when you do not use it. However, there are ways you can find out its worth, and below are a few tips to help you find the value of your heirloom jewellery, so you know if it is valuable or not.

Look For Information Online

You may be able to get a general idea of the value of your jewellery by looking online at similar pieces you can find. However, if the quality of the gemstones and the metals used is lower, it could be worth considerably less than you thought. You can get an idea of the price of the metals in your jewellery by looking at the scrap price of gold and silver, but to get an accurate valuation of your jewellery, you may need to take it to an expert.

Get A Professional Valuation

To know what you have in your jewellery, you can send it to a gemstone identification service that will evaluate the gems used in your jewellery. They will be able to assess them and rate their quality, confirm their carat weight, clarity, and colour, and tell you whether they are natural or enhanced. If you have gemstone certificates, it will be much more straightforward to have your jewellery assessed accurately.

Take Them To A Qualified Jewellery Valuer

To get an accurate idea of the value of your jewellery, you will need to take them to a reputable jewellery valuer. The gemstone certificates will make their job much simpler and quicker, and they will be able to value the jewellery. You can get two different valuations; you can get one that values the jewellery on the current market if you were to sell it. You can also get an insurance valuation, which will value the jewellery if it were to be replaced like for like.

Once you know the value of your jewellery, if it is worth a lot of money, you will need to ensure you have it insured if you will keep it at your home. If you have no attachment to the jewellery, you can always sell it and put it towards something else, such as a holiday or a car. Which means you will now need to look for the best place to sell your jewellery and ensure you get the top price for it.

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