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The Making Of Hats: A Brief On The Fabrics Used

The materials used in making any commodity go a long way in determining its sturdiness, and even how well it will serve the purpose for which it has been made. Most times, we fail to give this a thought as we hit the market or store to purchase an item that is very much needed. The situation is not in any way different when it comes to buying fashion goods. Talking about fashion goods, we will take a particular focus on the fabrics used in making hats. Like most people, you may have gotten a couple of Cattle ranch hats or some other ones in the past without considering what it was made of. Gaining insight into how a hat is made can help you make a better buying decision as you attempt to shop for another set of hats – and, as it is often insinuated, the pursuit for knowledge is never a wasted sojourn. Not to bore you, let’s now see some of the commonly used fabrics for making hats.


Wool is one of the most regular fabrics adopted by hat producers. The reason for this may not be unconnected to the fact hats made from this fabric are not known to retain moisture for long. So, you can expect sweat to leave the hat as quickly as possible. A common feature in a wool hat is the stiffener which acts to hold the shape or form of the hat together – although there are wool hats that do not have this feature. The ones without stiffener can be easily folded and tucked into the pocket or some other storage compartment. Wool hats have become highly revered for their impressive durability, and they are quite easy to maintain.


Leather has also been vastly used for hat-making, and the convenience of the hats made with leather fabric is usually remarkable. Another thing about leather hats is that they are able to seamlessly retain their shape which is very good for the styles of the brim and crown. Leather hats are yet highly durable, and you won’t have any troubles with their cleaning – they are also very easy to maintain. It may also interest you to note that this sort of hat is usually water-resistant, but you should be mindful that there are also faux leather hats available out there. A good/true leather hat will make a great value for money any day.


Hat producers are leveraging the impressive properties of felt to make premium-quality products that will not only catch the attention of hat enthusiasts but also remain intact for long. As it were, felt is produced by taking specific materials – like animal fur, wool, rayon, etc. – through some processing to ensure improved strength. Hats made from felt are not always susceptible to fraying even though they are not usually as elastic as leather hats – which have some natural elasticity about them.

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