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Your makeup kit is as good as your shopping skills. Although you are likely to make mistakes here and there when shopping for your makeup kit, some mistakes are just too costly. You must be a savvy shopper for face makeup because the skin is sensitive. Quality is key, so it is good to do your diligence before blindly shopping for makeup based on reviews, endorsements, or marketing campaigns. Avoid the following mistakes to ensure you buy quality face makeup products.

Picking the wrong shades

Makeup products, especially foundations and concealers, come in different shades and colors for a reason, and many people are guilty of picking the wrong shades. It is wise to sample foundations, concealers, and blushes before purchasing them. Keep in mind that your skin undertone also plays a part in helping you decide the right shade for your skin. Many makeup stores allow you to test foundations on your neck or wrist to find the perfect match.

Using testers directly on your skin

More danger lurks in the makeup products displayed as testers in makeup stores. Since everyone is using them, it is always good to sanitize anything you put on your skin. After all, you never know what hidden germs may cause you a skin rash or mouth sore. You can also request the staff to sanitize the product for you before use.

Buying the wrong formulations

Like colors and shades, face makeup products differ in formulations and textures. Therefore you must consider your skin type when buying face makeup products. For instance, powder formulations are suitable for oily skin types, while cream and oil-based face products are ideal for dry skin. The formulation determines your ultimate makeup look, whether dewy, matte, or natural.

Buying makeup products based on marketing campaigns only.

Many are the times you encounter a charming beauty advisor or makeup artist recommending the newest and latest foundation. Well, you may be tempted to get some extra vouchers to seal the deal, but you need to be careful with that. While it is good to try new makeup products, you must keep your skin type in mind when shopping. Take into account what your skin needs in terms of texture, coverage, and finish. Remember that the best-promoted makeup product may not be an ideal one for your skin.

Not researching about the product.

A face makeup product is more than the shade and formulation, as it also comes with other specifications that you should consider before purchasing. For instance, enquire what kind of coverage the product gives and whether it is waterproof. It is best to look at all the specifications to make an informed choice.

Buying makeup products based on reviews

It can be tempting to buy a makeup product based on the stars given by bloggers, beauty experts, and other beauty gurus. But do they know you personally? No. So it is important to test the product yourself and see if it aligns with your skin type.

The takeaway

Being a savvy makeup products shopper ensures you do not end up with unwanted makeup products.

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